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The following episodes contain either spoken examples of the Vulcan language (marked with *); or important information about Vulcan culture (marked with -):

ENT: Fallen Hero * two lines at 8:15; interchange at 20:40
ENT: The Forge; Awakening*; Kir'Shara - 3 part episode takes place on Vulcan. T'Pau and Surak; origin of IDIC
Amok Time - Pon Farr; T'Pau  buy
Journey to Babel - Intro of Sarek  buy
The Savage Curtain - Intro of Surak  buy
Is There in Truth no Beauty? - Intro of IDIC  buy
Yesteryear - Spock's childhood  buy; more info
The Infinite Vulcan - IDIC explanation  buy
Star Trek the Motion Picture* Jimmy Doohan creates the sound of the language  buy
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn * four lines of Okrand dialog  buy
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock * six lines of Okrand dialog  buy amazon claims that this DVD has a documentary on the Vulcan language
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier * one line of Okrand dialog  buy
TNG: Sarek - Farewell to Sarek  buy
TNG: Unification - Ambassador Spock; mention of Vulcan alphabet  buy part one;  buy part two
VOY: Gravity - Vulcan name for IDIC given w/ some history

There may be additional Vulcan episodes.

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