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Gene Roddenberry on God

Gene Roddenberry on God
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The words of Gene Roddenberry:

"It's not true that I don't believe in God. I believe in a kind of God. It's just not other people's God.  I reject religion—I accept the notion of God.

"God, to me, is intrinsic to humanity.  To the whole cause of humanity.  To the imaginative principle.  To what we create, and think.  He—or I should say It—is a source, yes, but more an involvement with the unknown.  God is like the leap outside one's self, something that has no discernable source, but is a source.

"It is a breath of life—this God thing.  It's not a thing you pray to, it's a thing you use to answer your own prayers.  Humanity needs God in order to be humanity—it is a part of them."

Excerpted from Gene Roddenberry - The Last Conversation by Yvonne Fern

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