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Resources for Star Trek Creators

Gene Roddenberry The Great Bird of the Galaxy

Some people call Gene Roddenberry an athiest; some call him a humanist.  The truth is far different and far more complicated and requires some thought and open-mindedness to understand.

Gene created Star Trek in an attempt to explain his ideas and to attempt to guide humanity toward the path he envisioned.

If you wish to create new Star Trek in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, and to understand his message about humanity and the universe (and even his cosmic theology), please be familiar with the contents of the following works; and note that his version of Star Trek was very different from the versions of Rick Berman, Manny Coto, or CBS All Access (which has too many rotating show runners to be able to list them all here).
  • Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation (Amazon link)
  • Star Trek The Motion Picture The Novel (written by Gene Roddenberry)
  • The Urantia Book - although there is no hard evidence that Gene Roddenberry read the Urantia Book, there are a number of similiarities between many of the concepts in Gene's Star Trek and in The Urantia Book (including the Prime Directive, that humanoid life is common in the galaxy and springs from a common root, the nature of the center of the galaxy, etc. - partially documented here) and readers who were contemporary with Gene believe that he was clearly a fellow reader.
  • The Questor Tapes (novelization and/or TV pilot) is necessary to understand what Gene was doing with Data and Soong. The interpretation presented by Rick Berman in his TNG episodes and the version of "Synthetics" in the new Star Trek Picard series both miss the boat.
  • The Star Trek: The Next Generation Writers/ Directors Guide (also known as the series "Bible")
  • The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield
  • The Trouble with Tribbles by David Gerrold — companion behind-the-scenes book to the above.

Gene talks with Spock
Gene's throughts about God vs. Religion
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Although not written by Gene, the series of Spock Vs. Q conversations by Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie are also helpful.

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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

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