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From nobody Tue May 18 15:49:27 2004
From: Randall Raemon 
Subject: (AFS) FAQ - Information sources about Vulcan as of 22 Jan 2004
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 23:20:01 -0500
Organization: vulcan-l mailing list
Lines: 295

Revised 22 Jan 2004 correcting web links
Revised 16 Oct 2003 with email address corrections, and episode titles
Revised 15 Sep 2003 to add Selek's Sarek and Amanda archives
Revised 12 Sep 2003 to add captjim's web site
Revised 09 Sep 2003 to add the web site for the Italian Vulcan club
Revised 24 Aug 2003 to clear out some dead links, and update others
Revised 16 Jul 2003 to add Selek's dictionary compilation.
Revised 24 Feb 2003 for Marketa's new web address.
Revised 16 Nov 2002, to reflect the addition of a new web site 
in the Web Resources section.

Revised 30 June 2002, to reflect the availability of the posting 

It draws heavily on the earlier FAQ done by Rachel Thurston.
It also draws heavily on the research effort of Ann Vogelaar.
Thank you...

0. Archives
   a. vulcan-l
   b. vulcan-linguistics
1. Web resources
2. Vulcan language and linguistics
3. Usenet
4. Mailing Lists
5. Books
6. Episodes

Vulcan-L archive

There is an archive of Vulcan-L traffic available 

in the directory tree rooted at /pub/vulcan-l

To avoid having the archive copied by indexing bots, and spam
email address harvesters, the archive is _not_ available by 
anonymous FTP. Access is thru a userid with the accompanying login.
At present (30 June 2002), the userid is "list". The word to
get in, is "archive". This will be changed at a later date.
The changes will be announced in advance.

Vulcan-Linguistics archive

The archive of the Vulcan-Linguistics list is not presently
available, but should be "soon" (Whether "soon" is measured in
quantum or geologic timescales has yet to be determined)

These archives are not searchable. They are simply zip-compressed
files containing traffic from each list.

World Wide Web

Selek has a dictionary compilation at
and a new site with information about Amabassador Soval at

This is a new site, added to this list 16 Nov 2002.  (Seheik's site)

The following list of web sites was compiled by Ann Vogelaar, and
posted to vulcan-l in article 8557. This list of web sites is 
included here with Ann's permission, and my deepest thanks at the
effort that has gone into compiling this list.

This list of sites has been checked as of 9 June 2001 to see that
the site is accessible. That check though doesn't include the the
web site still has Vulcan related content. Updates are welcome. (Marketa)  (Sorik's Vulcan page)  (Vulcan page in Italian)  (Archives)  (Vulcans)  (Lifeform Database)  (T'Shala's Vulcan Page)  (Shi-Kahr)  (Vulcan Trivia)  (Vulcan Hit Parade)  (Vulcan Academy Linguistics Department)  (Vulcan Language Database)  (Vulcan Language Institute)  (Galactic Languages)  (Spock fanfic)  (Federation Embassy)  (Vulcan poetry)  (Leonard Nimoy Fan Club)  (Leonard Nimoy links page)  (Sheryl's Sarek page)  (T'Pring's Spock Page)  (Illogical Spock)  (Spock quotes)  (3d chess)  (3d chess rules for sale)  (3d chess tutorial)  (Hyperchess)  (Selek archive of Sarek and Amanda links) (Selek's Sarek and Amanda Story Archive) (Selek's Sarek and Amanda Photo Gallery) (Italian Vulcan club) (captjim)  (Vulcan Flight Control)  (Sha Ka Ree)

This site has moved from their old location of
#!  (Mark Lenard tribute)
to a new, but indirect link (meaning that you have to follow the links
on the page) of

These sites are reported on 5 Aug 2003 as no longer accessible

#!  (Surel's Vulcan page)
#!  (Vulcan species)
The following sites are down at the moment (9 June 2001):

#!  (European LN Fan Club)
#!  (Tuvok fanfic)
#!  (Vulcan Academy of Science)
#!  (Vulcanism forum)
#!  (Xenobiology Database)
#!  (The Vulcans)
#!  (Academia Vulcania)

Vulcan language and linguistics:

Joel's Galactic Languages page (Vulcan/Romulan/Klingon and others)
and the Universal Translator Assistant project page are at
   email:  languages@mail.geocities-com-C9ouuPvM.invalid
   North Star Klingon Outpost
    (includes the Vulcan language tool and Galactic Phrasebook)
   email:  JPKlingon@aol-com-C9ouuPvM.invalid
   The Universal Translator Assistant project page:
   A stand-alone searchable dictionary is at
   This page has links to the opensource (PC/Unix) dictionary
   and a new improved windows version (which includes the Zvelbil 
   Of related interest is:
Usenet newsgroups: - the echo of the Vulcan-L mailing list


(any others?)

Mailing lists

Aside from the Vulcan-L mailing list, there are other mailing
lists with a focus on things Vulcan.

	and here is the main page

This next list seems to have relocated to some unidentified 

	     and here is the main page




_The Star Trek Encyclopedia_  by Okuda, Okuda, and Mirek, ISBN 0-671-86905-1
_The Star Trek Chronology_  by Okuda and Okuda, ISBN 0-671-79611-9
_The Star Trek Omnipedia_by Okuda and Okuda, ISBN 0-671-57600-3

(The following aren't canon, but they are a good source of information.)

_Spock's World_  by Diane Duane, ISBN 0-671-66773-4
_The Vulcan Academy Murders_  by Jean Lorrah, ISBN 0-671-50054-6
_The IDIC Epidemic_  by Jean Lorrah, ISBN 0-671-70768-X
_Vulcan's Glory_  by D. C. Fontana, ISBN 0-671-65667-8
_The Romulan Way_  by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, ISBN 0-671-63498-4
_Strangers From the Sky_  by Margaret Wander Bonnano, ISBN 0-671-64049-6
_Sarek_  by A. C. Crispin, ISBN 0-671-79562-7
_Unification_  by Jeri Taylor, ISBN 0-671-77056-X
_The Pandora Principle_  by Carolyn Clowes, ISBN 0-671-65815-8
_Mind Meld_  by John Vornholt, ISBN 0-671-00258-9

Additional books:

_The Lost Years_ by J. M. Dillard
_My Enemy, My Ally_ by Diane Duane
_Pathways_ by Jeri Taylor, the Tuvok chapter of
_Time For Yesterday_ by A. C. Crispin

Vulcan! by Kathleen Sky, 1978

Vulcan's Forge by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz, 1997
Vulcan's Heart by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz, 1999

Vulcan Reflections: Essays on Spock & his World, 1975
More Vulcan Reflections: Essays on Spock & his World, 1976

StarFleet Academy Training Manual: Vulcan Language Guide, 1977
StarFleet Academy Training Manual: SPOCK Questions and Answers

The Vulcan Book containing the Writings of Surak, 1981

Star Trek Files: Vulcans & Romulans by Edward Gross, 1987
Star Trek Files: Spock by John Peel, 1987

Vulcan K'artune B'ook by Henry Roll, 1989



*Film and Television*

_The Original Series_
"Amok Time"  Our first visit to planet Vulcan
"Is There in Truth No Beauty?"  Spock wears the IDIC emblem
"The Immunity Syndrome"  Mentioned the USS Intrepid, an all-Vulcan ship
"Journey to Babel"  We meet Spock's father, Sarek
"The Savage Curtain"  Surak is recreated in a fight between good and evil

_Star Trek 3:  The Search for Spock_
_Star Trek 5:  The Final Frontier_

_The Next Generation_
"Sarek"  Ambassador Sarek's last mission
"Unification"  Ambassador Spock works to reunite Vulcan and Romulus
"Gambit"  Renegades search for an ancient Vulcan weapon

_Deep Space Nine_
"The Maquis" parts 1 and 2  Features Sekona, a Vulcan in the Maquis
"Field of Fire", features Chu'lak, a science officer on DS9

Features a Vulcan, Tuvok, as chief of security

Features a Vulcan, Sub-Commander T'Pol

"The Andorian Incident" mentions P'Jem for the first time
"Fusion" mentions the v'tosh katur Vulcans (sp??)
"Carbon Creek" mentions the real(?) first contact
"Stigma" mentions pa'nar syndrome and "melders"
"Cease Fire" expands on the war between Andoria and Vulcan 
       and is a really cool Soval episode (per Selek's comment)
"The Expanse" shows Vulcans harming each other
"Impulse" shows the poisoning of Vulcans from trillium-D.

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